PRK is a type of laser vision correction surgery. Predating LASIK, PRK is a safe and effective option for patients who may not be good LASIK candidates due to corneal thickness. However, this option is often attractive even to those who could undergo LASIK due to its elimination of flap complication risks.

For LASIK, a small flap is created in the epithelium (outer layer of the cornea) to give New York City eye surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman access to the stroma (inner layer). With PRK, the stroma is accessed through the removal of the epithelium. While this may sound more complicated, it can actually reduce complications and, following the natural regrowth of this corneal layer, produce results consistent with those achieved through LASIK. During your laser vision correction consultation at our NYC office, Dr. Pakeman can discuss this with you in greater detail to help you determine if PRK is the best option for your needs.

In addition to PRK and LASIK, Dr. Pakeman offers a complete selection of contact lenses as part of our ophthalmology services. Laser vision correction is not the right option for every patient. To learn if it is right for you, please call our office at (212) 308-1566 or contact us online and schedule your initial consultation today. Located in Manhattan, Dr. Pakeman serves men and women living throughout NYC and the Tristate area.