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Facial Fat Grafting

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As we grow older, our faces undergo a number of changes. Sun exposure and decreased elasticity can cause wrinkles, gravity can lead to sagging, and loss of volume in the tissues of the face creates an older-looking profile. But with cosmetic treatments like facelift, dermal fillers, and facial fat grafting at our New York cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Basil Pakeman can restore the youthfulness of your face.

Facial fat grafting is especially well-suited for patients seeking a minimally invasive yet very effective option. If you’d like to learn more about any one of our advanced facial procedures, including facial fat grafting, please contact Manhattan Surgical Care today at 212-308-1566 to schedule a consultation

Restoring Facial Youthfulness

Much of what we associate with youth has as much to do with the overall shape and fullness of the face as it does with surface features like wrinkles. Facial fat grafting is a minimally invasive technique that takes advantage of a patient’s own natural fat cells to restore youthful vitality to the face. By injecting a patient’s own fat cells into parts of the face that have thinned out and lost volume over time, the face can be reshaped to more accurately reflect how young you feel on the inside.

The Procedure for using Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation

Fat grafting is an increasingly popular facial rejuvenation treatment in which Dr. Pakeman carefully removes a small amount of fat from an area of excess, such as your thighs or abdomen, using liposuction.

Once the fat has been removed and purified, Dr. Pakeman then injects it into the parts of the face where volume has decreased. Fat cells are usually injected around the eyes, in the cheeks, and near the jawline, but the specific grafting sites depend upon your unique situation and aesthetic goals. No incisions are needed, the injections are virtually noninvasive, and fat is administered in small, easily adjustable increments.

The result is a revitalized appearance that is tighter, fuller, and more youthful. Some patients even choose to combine fat grafting with another facial procedure, such as:

Including a dermal filler like Restylane as part of your long-term plan can also improve the overall results without the need for invasive surgery.

Candidates for Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting is an excellent treatment option for those who desire an improvement in their facial contours without the need for a highly invasive surgical procedure. People with sunken cheeks, facial wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, or a sagging jawline are great candidates for facial fat grafting.

Patients should have an adequate amount of excess fat for grafting, be in good physical health, and have realistic expectations. Dr. Pakeman will perform an assessment of your body and ask you about your medical history to help determine if facial fat grafting is right for you.

Facial Fat Grafting Consultation

During a consultation, Dr. Pakeman will ask about your appearance goals and perform an examination. He will discuss the details of facial fat grafting and tell you how it can improve your aesthetic concerns. Additionally, the two of you will discuss your medical history, which will help Dr. Pakeman plan a safe procedure for your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our fat grafting procedure typically lasts between 1-3 hours, depending on the extent of treatment needed. An extensive procedure targeting multiple facial areas may require a longer time. We tailor our approach to meet your needs, providing a premium experience and producing the best outcome possible.
Facial fat grafting causes minimal pain and discomfort, which can be managed by local anesthesia during the procedure and pain medication afterward. Rest assured that we take every precaution to ensure your comfort and safety during the fat grafting session.
You may notice initial results shortly after the procedure, but the full outcome will become more noticeable as the swelling subsides over a few weeks. Follow our post-operative instructions carefully to ensure optimal results and steady recovery.
Facial fat grafting can produce long-lasting results, typically between 9 months to 2 years. The longevity may vary based on lifestyle, aging, and overall health. We recommend our patients maintain a stable weight and follow a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine to keep the results.
There are many different factors that can affect the success of facial fat grafting. Some of the most important ones include the overall health of the patient, the skill and precision of the surgeon's techniques, proper postoperative care, the blood supply to the grafted fat, the individual's healing response, various lifestyle factors, and the patient's willingness to follow instructions and guidelines from the surgeon.
Facial fat grafting uses the patient's fat for natural and longer-lasting volume restoration, while dermal fillers offer a temporary solution using substances like hyaluronic acid for immediate but short-lived results. Fat grafting provides enduring outcomes, while dermal fillers offer quicker recovery times.
No specific age restrictions apply to facial fat grafting, but candidates must have realistic expectations and have good overall health. Suitability is determined through an individual consultation, considering factors such as skin elasticity and general well-being.
Definitely. Facial fat grafting is a viable cosmetic procedure option for anyone who seeks to restore their facial volume and improve their appearance.
The amount of fat that can be safely transferred during a single session of facial fat grafting depends on factors such as donor site availability and areas targeted for enhancement. Exceeding this limit can lead to complications. Our surgeon will determine the appropriate volume during your consultation.
It is advisable to have someone accompany you on the day of the facial fat grafting procedure, especially if sedation is involved. A trusted support person can contribute to a smoother experience and assist postoperatively.

Facial Fat Grafting Recovery

To experience the best results from a facial fat grafting treatment, avoid moving or massaging the treated area. Sleep on your back to preserve the facial contours created during your session. Arrange your pillows properly to secure the placement of your head when resting or sleeping.

Smoking and drinking alcohol are lifestyle habits that can cause faster skin aging. Avoiding these will help you preserve skin health and avoid signs of aging.

Facial Fat Grafting Cost

A facial fat grafting treatment’s cost will depend on the number of issues being addressed, along with the number of sessions needed to meet your appearance goals.

Because facial fat grafting is purely cosmetic, medical insurance will not cover the price of this treatment. Please speak with our financing department to discuss payment options.

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If age has taken its toll on your face and you’d like to gain a more youthful appearance, facial fat grafting may be right for you. To learn more, please contact Manhattan Surgical Care today at 212-308-1566 to arrange a private, confidential consultation.

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