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Any time that you have an aesthetic problem with your body, you may feel lost as to what to do to remedy the issue. You may try exercise, dieting, facial creams, scrubs, and more, but never find the results you truly desire. The good news is that our team at Manhattan Surgical Care offers a wide variety of body contouring procedures to help you love how you look.

Whether you’re interested in a full surgical or minimally-invasive options, we have a plethora of services to help you love your body’s appearance from head to toe. To schedule a consultation with our team and Dr. Basil Pakeman, please contact us today by calling 212-308-1566. We are proud to serve patients in New York, the surrounding Tri-State Area, and beyond.

Find Out More About Our Body Contouring Procedures:


Body ContouringThere are a variety of factors that can lead you to develop pockets of fat that are very hard to eliminate. This can occur because of age, gravity, genetics, pregnancy, and other factors, but the fact remains that certain areas of fat may not respond to diet or exercise. When this occurs, liposuction may be an option that you want to consider. At Manhattan Surgical Care, our doctor offers a variety of liposuction options.

All of these forms of liposuction can be effective at removing fat from various parts of your body including your face, arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, and breasts. Some types of liposuction are surgical and invasive, while others are minimally-invasive and done through the heating power of hi-tech lasers. Dr. Pakeman will help you determine which liposuction option is best for you and put a plan in place so you have a good understanding of your results.


If you’re not interested in the surgical invasiveness and required downtime of traditional liposuction, a laser fat removal option like SmartLipo™ might be the choice for you. SmartLipo™ utilizes laser technology to liquefy fat cells before they are removed for a more targeted approach to fat cell reduction. In SmartLipo™, a laser-heated cannula (vacuum that removes fat cells) is used to heat and emulsify your fat cells, then the dissolved fat cells are suctioned out, leaving you thin and beautiful. Additionally, SmartLipo™ causes a natural heating response in the body which triggers the development of collagen and elastin. Both of these naturally-occurring substances help tighten tissues and keep your treated area looking young and healthy.

SmartLipo™ doesn’t require any sutures or general anesthesia nor does it involve large amounts, if any, of scarring. You will only need 1-2 days of downtime after your procedure and can begin to enjoy your results within a few weeks. SmartLipo™ can be used on virtually any part of the body where you have excess pockets of fat.


When you are not interested in any type of surgery or even a minimally-invasive fat removal procedure, LipoDissolve™ may be your best choice. LipoDissolve™ is a non-surgical treatment option that targets stubborn areas of fat and dissolves them, leaving you with a lean and fit physique. By combining phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid, both of which are naturally-occurring substances in the body, LipoDissolve will cause your fat cells to dissipate. LipoDissolve can be used on the following areas:

  • Chin and jowls
  • Upper arms
  • Bra fat
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Love handles
  • Knees
  • Male breast tissue (gynecomastia)

Through a series of microinjections to your troublesome areas, you will notice that your fat deposits will begin to shrink and lessen. You will not experience any pain or require any downtime and will notice results within just a few weeks.


Cellulite is a very frustrating condition that affects nearly every American in some way or another. While exercise and weight loss seem like they would be easy corrections for cellulite, it doesn’t necessarily respond to either of those. Additionally, there are hundreds of creams and scrubs that claim to be able to remove and lessen the visible appearance of cellulite, but often come up short. At Manhattan Surgical Care, we offer a cellulite treatment that actually works: Cellulaze™.

Cellulaze™ is a revolutionary and FDA-approved treatment that helps to remove cellulite. Cellulite forms because of connective tissues within your problem areas pulling on your skin and giving your fat the appearance of small bulges which also look similar to orange peel. Cellulaze is used by targeting fat caught between connective tissues and liquefying it, releasing the tight tissues to remove the orange peel appearance, and finally by stimulating collagen to make your remaining tissues look taut and youthful.

This laser treatment will leave you with tightened and beautiful skin where you used to be embarrassed to show off your skin. Your skin will have more elasticity and youthfulness, and maintain its desired appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re tired of not having a backside that others would envy, a Brazilian Butt Lift might be the safe and effective procedure for which you’ve been waiting. A Brazilian Butt Lift does NOT involve any type of implant which can be very dangerous and inconsistent when used in the buttocks. Rather than using a foreign object, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves removing fat cells from an unwanted place on your body. Then, this fat is cleansed and the best cells are chosen to be reinserted into your buttock area.

The Brazilian Butt Lift not only increases volume and shape to your backside, but also gives you the added bonus of having fat removed from another area on your body. It involves minimal scarring and much less recovery time than if you were to choose controversial butt implants.

Mole Removal

If you have a mole that is in a particularly conspicuous area, even if it’s benign, you may want to have it removed for aesthetic reasons. At our cosmetic surgery office, we can help to remove moles through one of two processes:

  1. Shaving and cauterizing the mole – Dr. Pakeman can shave off the exterior of the mole using an anesthetic and a small blade. Then, the mole is cauterized so the bleeding ceases and it will heal without noticeable scarring.
  2. Excision – A mole can be surgically removed and sutured closed.

Dr. Pakeman will help you determine which option is best for you and will do everything in his power to minimize scarring and help you love your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each technique has its own price structure based on how many areas of the body are being treated and to what extent. Please keep in mind that the cost of a cosmetic procedure is usually not covered by insurance. However, if it is considered medically necessary (such as with a cancerous mole), it might be covered. We always suggest asking your insurance carrier for more details before committing to any treatment plan.
Many of Dr. Pakeman’s patients have received more than one body procedure to address a range of aesthetic concerns. In fact, it can often be advantageous to combine multiple methods into one surgery or session. For example, if you’re interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift as well as abdominal liposuction, it makes sense to simply use the removed abdominal fat tissue for the BBL. In any case, Dr. Pakeman will first need to thoroughly review your medical history and symptoms before approving you for one or multiple treatments.
Not every patient treated by Dr. Pakeman and his expert staff receives the treatments mentioned above. For example, if you are looking for non-surgical and minimally invasive skin care protocols, we also perform Botox®, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more.

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If you’re considering any type of body contouring procedure, you want to choose a physician with the experience to give you the results you’re hoping to achieve. At Manhattan Surgical Care, Dr. Pakeman will give you a realistic idea of what can be achieved through your procedure(s). Then, he will draw upon his experience and artful technique to provide you with results that leave you excited to show off your new body.

To schedule a consultation with us, please contact Manhattan Surgical Care today by filling out the contact form on this page or calling 212-308-1566. We are proud to serve clients in and New York.

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