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8 Things a Facelift can do

A facelift ultimately makes your face look smoother and firmer, which overall results in a more youthful facial appearance. Although a consultation with Dr. Basil Pakeman is needed for you to know exactly if and how a facelift will change your facial characteristics, generally this facial procedure is associated with the following: Results can last […]

What does Facial Fat Grafting do?

Facial fat injections replace lost volume in your face without artificial material. The fat is removed from somewhere on your body where there is extra, using liposuction. Then, any impurities are removed from the fat and it is prepared for injection. Finally, using a series of injections, the fat cells are used to augment and […]

Liposuction Cost

Liposuction is a great option for slimming down isolated areas of stubborn fat. But of course the cost of liposuction is a major deciding factor for just about any patient. At, we of course understand how important of a factor it is. But we also want to urge you to consider other aspects as well, […]

Complement BOTOX® Results with Sun Protection

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a great way to soften wrinkles caused by muscular activity. These types of wrinkles include the vertical lines between your eyebrows and horizontal lines across your forehead. But did you know other signs of aging are accelerated by sun exposure? With long summer days around the corner, remember that aging can be […]

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