Liposuction is a great option for slimming down isolated areas of stubborn fat. But of course the cost of liposuction is a major deciding factor for just about any patient. AtManhattan Surgical Care, we of course understand how important of a factor it is. But we also want to urge you to consider other aspects as well, such as:

  • The experience, training and qualifications of the cosmetic surgeon you choose
  • Whether the surgical facility is state-of-the-art, clean and equipped with all necessary equipment
  • The surgeon’s approach to your treatment, primarily whether you are presented with various surgical and non-surgical options to achieve your cosmetic goals

Financing Plans through CareCredit™: To help you manage payment for liposuction, we do offer financing through a third party known as CareCredit. You can apply for one of the CareCredit monthly plans that we accept, which will allow you to make monthly payments with reasonable interest rates. Call our office to learn more.

If you are interested in learning more about New York City liposuction cost, please callManhattan Surgical Care at 212-308-1566 . Our experienced and helpful cosmetic surgery staff can explain all of the payment options at our practice and schedule you to come in for a consultation to find out an exact cost for the procedure.