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Advantages of SmartLipo

SmartLipo is an innovative fat preparation system that leads to a more efficient, less invasive liposuction procedure. SmartLipo is known as laser-assisted liposuction because it uses a laser to melt and liquefy fat cells prior to removal with suction. The device also coagulates blood vessels so that the procedure involves less bleeding, bruising and swelling. […]

BOTOX® Treatment Areas

BOTOX® Cosmetic can effectively soften lines on your face caused by the repeated action of certain muscles over the years. Whenever you smile, laugh, frown or make other facial express, the muscular contraction creates folds in your skin. Over time, the repeated folding of the skin can form deep lines that don’t go away when […]

Your Facial Rejuvenation Options

Are you considering your options for rejuvenating your face? The fact is, there are a wide variety of options both surgical and non-surgical to enhance and restore the youthfulness of your face. Some of these treatments include: Facelift Eyelid surgery Brow lift BOTOX® Contour threads Cosmetic skin care These services can fulfill a wide range […]

Does Eyelid Surgery leave Scars?

In short, yes, eyelid surgery does leave scars, but these scars are virtually impossible to see. Please see our before-and-after gallery to see real-life results of some of Dr. Basil Pakeman’s eyelid surgery patients. The location of the scars depends on where the incisions are made to perform the blepharoplasty procedure: Upper eyelids: Incisions are […]

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