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Top 3 Ways to Fix Droopy Eyelids

Droopy or puffy eyelids can make you appear older than you are. They can also interfere with your field of vision. There are a variety of temporary and permanent ways to fix your sagging eyelids. These droopy eyelid treatments range from injectables to cosmetic surgery. Various health conditions or diseases, eye injuries or the aging […]

How Eyelid Surgery Can Improve Your Life & Your Vision

You may have noticed that the aging process brings with it more than wisdom. All areas of your body begin to change and this includes your eyelids. Ptosis (drooping eyelids) is especially common as men and women get older. You’re also more likely to develop under eye bags, which make you appear tired and older […]

Is PRK or LASIK Better for Vision Correction?

PRK and LASIK laser eye surgeries utilize different techniques, but both deliver excellent results. The question is not which procedure is better, but rather which one is better for your eyes? Both laser eye surgeries reshape the cornea to correct your vision, but they differ when it comes to your corneal surface. LASIK creates a […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Lipo in NYC

It’s no surprise that City is one of the world’s top 10 cities to have cosmetic surgery. NYC is filled with professionals who are at the top of their field, which includes cosmetic surgeons. There are many reasons to choose to have your lipo or any other cosmetic surgery procedure done in NYC, but these […]

How to Prepare For Your Butt Augmentation Procedure

Butt augmentation can enhance the shape and contour of your buttocks. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight and tone muscles, but it’s difficult to tone your buttocks through these methods alone. Our cosmetic surgeon in NYC can help you decide if you’re a good butt augmentation candidate and walk you through the preparation […]

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