Sweaty armpits, hands or feet can be embarrassing. For a small percentage of the population, sweat is more than uncomfortable. Excessive sweating, also referred to as hyperhidrosis, causes some men and women to avoid wearing clothing they love and stop participating in activities and events where sweat can become an issue. There are treatments available for hyperhidrosis, but these topical creams and deodorants can sting and don’t work for everyone. BOTOX® treatments through our NYC office could be the answer to your sweaty problem.

BOTOX® Cosmetic has been used for decades to reduce and prevent the appearance of common wrinkles associated with aging, but many haven’t heard about the BOTOX® treatment for hyperhidrosis. BOTOX® has been FDA-approved to treat severe sweating since 2004, and studies show this injectable could stop you from sweating for up to two years with few, if any, repeat treatments.

A study conducted over the span of three years with 193 people showed that BOTOX® is safe to use and was effective for 80-90 percent of the patients involved. BOTOX® Cosmetic usually requires repeat treatments every three or four months to maintain the results, but 94 percent of patients found that they needed four or fewer injections to prevent sweat for up to two years.

Is it Safe?

It’s important for you to sweat. Sweat is your body’s natural way of cooling down to keep a consistent base temperature, but your body is covered in sweat glands. This treatment is done by injecting BOTOX® into small, sweat-prone areas to turn off the chemical your body secretes from your sweat glands. BOTOX® is safe to use for small areas such as the arm pits because the armpits hold only two percent of your overall sweat glands.

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