If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you are probably wondering about the cost of the procedure you are interested in. Cost is a major consideration and decision-making factor for just about every cosmetic surgery patient. At Manhattan Surgical Care, we want to make sure you understand all aspects of the procedure you are interested in before making any decisions.

The only way to get an accurate estimate for a specific procedure is to visit the cosmetic surgeon from which you will receive the procedure. Various things influence the final cost, such as:

  • Specific cosmetic surgery procedure and technique
  • Geographic region
  • Any related anesthesia or surgical costs
  • Cosmetic surgeon’s experience and training

During your one-on-one consultation at our practice, we’ll make sure you know what the procedure will cost. As an additional benefit to choosing our practice, you can apply for financing through CareCredit, a financing company which provides low monthly payments for medical and cosmetic procedures. Call our office to learn more about how to apply.

If you are searching in Manhattan, New York City, or anywhere in the surrounding area for an experienced, caring and skilled cosmetic surgeon to discuss your financing options with, please call Manhattan Surgical Care at 212-308-1566 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Basil Pakeman.