Sitting down on conventional surfaces or cushions during your Brazilian butt lift recovery can have a negative impact on both healing and results. There are, however, a number of products available that allow butt lift patients to sit and sleep on their backsides without risking complications. During your fat transfer butt lift consultation with New York City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman, options to enhance the comfort of your recovery period can be discussed in greater detail.

The Curve Cure

One product that has generated a lot of buzz with plastic surgeons is the Curve Cure Recovery System. This complete system includes both a mattress and chair cushion designed to support the body while allowing the augmented buttocks to rest comfortably in a small indentation. Adjustable and available in a variety of sizes, this kit is the first of its kind on the market and, while not exclusively endorsed by Dr. Pakeman, can be very beneficial for enhanced comfort during the recovery stage of your buttock augmentation.

What about a Boppy?

Boppy pillows, memory foam pillows, and inflatable pillows can be used for short periods of siting after your butt lift procedure. Like the Curve Cure, these options can help reduce direct pressure on transferred fat cells while blood supply is fully established by the body. Pressure on newly transferred fat cells can cause cell death and result in diminished results, so it is important to remember that prolonged periods of sitting – even on these softer options – should be avoided during the recovery period. Thankfully, this period is not long and, in comparison to the lasting results offered by buttock augmentation, not something that will likely inform your overall experience. Nonetheless, Dr. Pakeman will work closely with you to ensure optimal comfort following your procedure.

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