Unlike buttock augmentation with implants, a Brazilian butt lift uses fat harvested from your body to produce a fuller and more lifted look to the backside. To perform a butt lift, Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman injects fat into targeted areas throughout the buttocks, adding to the current volume naturally and producing a fuller and more pleasing appearance.

Some of the fat injected for your butt lift will be absorbed by the body in the weeks following your procedure. However, a majority of the injected fat should remain in place, producing permanent buttock enhancement. The amount of lift attained through buttock augmentation with fat transfer is different for each patient, which is one of the many reasons working with an experienced butt lift surgeon is so very important. During your initial consultation Dr. Pakeman will discuss what you can realistically expect following your procedure.

In the weeks that follow your Brazilian butt lift, some swelling and hardening of tissue is to be expected. It is important to remember that these changes in look and feel are temporary and will subside as you continue to heal. While healing will reduce some of the volume present immediately after your procedure, final results should be visible by the second or third month. If at that time you feel additional augmentation would be preferable, Dr. Pakeman would be happy to discuss that option with you in greater detail. Additional procedures are, however, typically unnecessary.

To schedule your Brazilian butt lift consultation with Dr. Pakeman, please contact Manhattan Surgical Care today. We welcome men and women who desire a fuller and more attractive backside from New York City and all surrounding areas.