According to Cleveland Clinic, eyelid surgery is a common procedure among people age 30 and older. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, people age 40 and over made up the vast majority of eyelid surgery patients in 2014, although there was a small percentage of patients within the 30-39 age range, and an even smaller percentage between 20-29.

As with any cosmetic surgery, appropriateness of eyelid surgery is not so much determined by a set age as it is by what changes you want to make and when. If you are a consenting adult and are unhappy with a certain aspect of your face or body, then you may want to consider a cosmetic surgery consultation.

For the most part, eyelid surgery addresses the effects of aging, which is probably the reason that the ASPS statistics show most eyelid surgery patients as being over age 40. Having said that, it’s not that rare for someone in their 30s to be dissatisfied with puffy, droopy eyelid skin. The important thing to remember is not to make any decisions without speaking to an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Your age doesn’t make you too young for eyelid surgery, but an experienced eyelid surgeon like Dr. Basil Pakeman needs to assess your skin to determine whether eyelid surgery will produce the results you want to see.

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