Diet and exercise can help you lose weight and tone muscles, but some body parts are more difficult to tone than others. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Lipo is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries across the country. More than 222,000 Americans had liposuction in 2015 alone. There are several types of lipo, and a wide range of body areas can have excess fat removed. These are the top 5 most popular areas:

5. Face and Neck

Men and women often have unwanted fat removed from their neck, chin and cheeks to achieve a slimmer profile or get rid of a double chin.

4. Arms

Lipo of the arms (specifically the upper arms) can help those with disproportionate arm fat or those who have had little success through diet and exercise to reach their ideal look.

3. Thighs

Whether it’s your inner or outer thighs you’re struggling with, lipo can remove your troublesome fat cells and may even give your buttocks a boost by removing fat from your anterior thighs.

2. “Love Handles” or Flanks

Your flanks are one of the most difficult body parts to tone and lose weight. Many of our NYC clients have lipo done to get rid of these “love handles.”

1. Abdomen

It’s no surprise that the most popular area for lipo is the abdomen. Your stomach is often the first place you gain weight, and it’s one of the hardest areas to lose weight.

These may be the most popularly treated areas, but there are plenty of other areas for lipo such as your chest, back, waist and legs.

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