A new study says wearing contact lenses increases the odds you’ll experience droopy upper eyelids, a cosmetic and sometimes visual problem corrected with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). The study was published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, which is the official publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Apparently, researchers found increased risk of droopy eyelids (called “ptosis”) was associated with the use of hard lenses and soft lenses. The study did find that ptosis was more severe for people who wore hard contact lenses.

The study compared the eyelid changes of 96 pairs of identical twins. Because identical twins have the same facial characteristics, marked changes are typically contributed to environmental – instead of genetic – factors. The researchers found “wearing contact lenses was the only external factor that was linked” to upper eyelid drooping. Other possible contributors – such as sun exposure, smoking, alcohol use and stress – were ruled as not having a “statistically significant impact” on upper eyelid drooping.

The findings seem to indicate that the constant stretching of your eyelids when you insert and remove your contact lenses is what is causing drooping of the eyelid skin. With eyelid surgery, Dr. Basil Pakeman can restore the curve of your upper eye contour. Don’t stop wearing contact lenses without discussing these findings with your doctor! Though this single study does have some interesting findings, contact lenses can be a great option for people who love the freedom that comes with the lenses.

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