Antidepressants, specifically SSRIs, have been linked to increased risks for bleeding following cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction and facelift. However, a meta-analysis of several studies assessing these risks has found highly inconsistent and inconclusive results.

Because results were mixed and no study pointed to serious risks, the study’s authors suggest that the risks of increased depression symptoms and discontinuation syndrome far outweigh the risks of bleeding, and suggest patients do not discontinue antidepressants prior to their procedure.

As with plastic surgery, being on antidepressants is a personal decision and one that should be reached with the assistance of a licensed and trained medical professional. While there are some medications New York City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman will recommend you stop taking before your procedure to help reduce risks, no medication should be discontinued without first discussing cessation with the prescribing physician. During your initial consultation Dr. Pakeman will review any medications you are currently on and discuss what may or may not be needed to improve your candidacy for your chosen procedure.

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