LipoDissolve™ is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction that can help tone and trim the body by dissolving fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. With LipoDissolve, New York City liposuction surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman can treat nearly any area of the body to help reduce unwanted fat deposits over the course of several weeks.

While results may not be quite as noticeable as those obtained through surgical methods such as SmartLipo™, LipoDissolve is a wonderful alternative for patients who are not interested in surgery or who have smaller deposits of fat that need to be addressed.

LipoDissolve Recovery

Recovery from LipoDissolve is near instantaneous. In fact, many patients are able to resume all of their normal activities immediately after their treatment. A slight burning sensation at the injection site is possible, as are small amounts of swelling, bruising, and tenderness around the treatment areas. These issues typically last for one to five days and are not a cause for concern.

LipoDissolve treatments are spread out over a period of two to four weeks to help ensure optimal comfort. During your initial consultation at our Manhattan office, Dr. Pakeman will carefully assess your areas of concern and help you better understand how many treatments – and at what frequency – will be of most benefit to you.

If you are ready to schedule your LipoDissolve consultation with Dr. Pakeman, please contact Manhattan Surgical Care today. We welcome patients living in Manhattan and all surrounding areas of New York City.