Wintertime is the best time to undergo liposuction surgery. Not only do the colder nights and darker days lend themselves to staying inside and resting, acting now allows for full recovery in time for spring. If you would like more information on liposuction or if you are ready to begin your transformation, please call New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman at 212-308-1566 and schedule your initial consultation today.

Liposuction Recovery

The advanced liposuction techniques utilized at our Manhattan cosmetic surgery center are designed to minimize trauma to the body while also speeding recovery time. However, even these safer and less invasive liposuction options will require some amount of recovery.

To help ensure your results are fully realized in time for warmer weather and more revealing clothing, undergoing liposuction between December and March is ideal. Of course, liposuction can be used at any time of the year to sculpt and tone the frame, and we are here to personalize your body contouring treatment and help you look and feel your absolute best year-round. But beach bodies are made in the winter and, if you are looking for ways to “wow” as soon as warm weather returns, now is the best time to act.

If you live in or around New York City and are considering liposuction, please contact Manhattan Surgical Care to schedule your consultation today.