Jogging, running, even speed walking can help strengthen the upper legs and buttocks, and greatly enhance your Brazilian butt lift results. If you are looking for the ideal exercise to take up following butt lift surgery, one of these three easy and free options may be just what you’ve been seeking. During your butt lift consultation with NYC cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman, this and additional exercise options can be discussed in greater detail.

Will Jogging Diminish Results?

Will jogging or running impact the fat used to enhance your derriere? Most likely not. These exercises build and strengthen muscle underneath fat deposits which, in turn, can actually enhance and accentuate results. Of course every person is different, but the most likely result from exercising the lower body will be better and more pleasing definition of the buttocks.

In addition to running, exercises that can help enhance your Brazilian butt lift results include:

  • Swimming
  • Pilates
  • Power yoga (flow or hot)
  • Step classes
  • Dancing

These activities, when performed regularly, will not only help enhance your butt lift results, they can help improve your overall quality of life and lead to greater satisfaction with other areas of your body as well. Following your procedure, experiment with different options until you find the one (or several) that speak most to your personality and personal needs.

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