Bags under your eyes leave you looking tired and worn down, but combating them can be tough. While looks definitely aren’t everything, in fashionable New York City looking your best can make the difference in getting ahead. If you are considering eyelid surgery, it is important to know that under-eye bags come in many forms and have many causes.

Causes of Under-Eye Bags

There are many different causes of under-eye bags, and different treatments for each type. Here are some of the common types of under-eye bags:

  • Allergies or Congestion: Allergies and congestion from colds can lead to darkened under-eyes or puffiness. Treating the underlying cause is the key, and using makeup can help diminish the appearance in the meantime.
  • Stress or Lack of Sleep: Both stress and sleeplessness can lead to puffiness and dark circles as well. Yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques can help you get the rest you need to look your best. Cold compresses using tea bags can also help.
  • Aging or Genetics: Excess fat deposits under the eyes or skin that loses elasticity with age are the cause of some of the most severe under-eye problems. In these situations, cosmetic surgery is often warranted. Eyelid surgery, called blepharoplasty, restores the youthful appearance to your eyes by removing excess fat and skin.

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