New York City is the fashion center of the US, and eye makeup is a fashion staple. Many women don’t feel fully dressed without at least a bit of mascara, and dramatic cosmetics are a great way to set yourself apart. Following eyelid surgery you may have bruising that you are eager to cover up, however, it is important to let your body heal fully before wearing makeup again.

Makeup and Eyelid Surgery

Following blepharoplasty it is best to wait 2-3 weeks before wearing any eye makeup as a general rule, but check with experienced eyelid surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman for an exact timeline. There are several reasons to avoid makeup right after eyelid surgery, including:

  • Allowing time for recovery – Most incisions will seal within a week of surgery, and the tiny holes from your stitches will seal within 12-24 hours following their removal. If you have no surface stitches due to the type of surgery, this will not be a factor.
  • Reducing chances of scaring – pressure on the incision can increase chances of scar tissue forming.
  • Reducing chances of infection – exposure to irritants and bacteria that would normally not be a problem can cause infection when the skin’s barrier is compromised.
  • Letting your tissues regain their resilience – Even after your incision heals and your stitches are removed, your eyelid skin can take some time to regain its resilience. Because these tissues are very thin to begin with, extra care should be taken in applying and removing makeup to avoid tearing an incision.
  • Avoiding permanent pigmentation – Darker pigments can act like a tattoo and become permanent along the incision line as your skin is healing. Even if the incision has sealed, the tissue may absorb the pigments.

While each person is different, your skin should regain its resiliency and be fully healed by about two weeks following your surgery. At this point wearing eye makeup should not be a problem, but extra care should be taken in the beginning.

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