Cellulite is a common problem that affects many women, and some men, oftentimes regardless of body type or weight. You may have found that no matter how many lotions, creams or leg exercises you do, the cellulite does not go away or look any better. That’s because cellulite originates below the skin, in the very structural support of the tissue.

Beneath your skin, tight bands of connective tissue called septae pull down on the skin causing the enlarged pockets of fat to bulge out and create cellulite. As you age, the appearance of cellulite can worsen because your skin is getting thinner, which makes the bulging fat more apparent.

Typically, the only way to truly reduce the appearance of cellulite at its source is by releasing the tight septae, melting the extra fat and thickening the skin. All of these things can be accomplished with Cellulaze, an innovative laser technology.

Using tiny incisions, Dr. Basil Pakeman will insert the Cellulaze laser fiber into the treatment area. The Cellulaze laser will liquefy excess fat cells while releasing the stiff connective tissue bands. Additionally, the heat from the laser causes a thickening effect in your skin, which will also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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