Butt lifts have become increasingly popular to the point where buttock augmentation is performed on average every 30 minutes across the country. Exercise can only get you so far. Cardio and weights can tone your abs, arms and thighs, but it’s difficult to contour your buttocks through exercise alone.

Buttock augmentation is a great way to add more of a curve to your figure, but which butt procedure is right for you? The Brazilian butt lift and butt implants each offer you a shapelier bottom, but our cosmetic surgeon prefers fat grafting over artificial implants and here’s why:

Fat Grafting is Safe and Reliable

The Brazilian butt lift involves removing fat with liposuction from areas such as your abdomen, thighs or flanks and injecting the processed fat into your buttocks. This procedure can be safer than implants because it uses your natural fat to give you a perky shape. Your likelihood of complications is reduced when fat grafting is involved because your body recognizes the harvested fat as your own.

Butt implants can become displaced, feel hard and cause discomfort. You may also need another augmentation surgery within a few years after receiving implants. The Brazilian option is more consistent and produces a natural look and feel. Although, silicone implants may be a better alternative if you do not have enough fat to harvest for the Brazilian procedure.

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