Cellulaze is the first FDA-approved cosmetic surgery treatment for reducing cellulite. Unlike creams and other treatments, Cellulaze targets the underlying structure of the cellulite tissues, so the treatment is long lasting. It is no wonder that Cellulaze is in high demand in Manhattan and everywhere in New York.

Cellulaze Facts

  1. Cellulaze is fast—in just one treatment lasting one to two hours, patients can have relief from the appearance of cellulite for up to two years
  2. Skin quality is improved—clinical studies showed a 29% improvement in skin flexibility, and a 25% increase in thickness along with increased collagen
  3. Cellulaze is versatile—treatments are effective for large areas and small, on various parts of the body
  4. Great satisfaction rates—surveys of Cellulaze patients show that 93% were satisfied with their results after a year, and most would recommend the procedure
  5. Cellulaze is safe—the minimally invasive procedure requires only local anesthesia. Tiny incisions mean little scarring and fast healing times of one to two days

To find out if you are a good candidate for Cellulaze, please call Manhattan Surgical Care at 212-308-1566 . Experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Basil Pakeman serves Manhattan, New York and all of the surrounding areas.