When you think of a cosmetic “lift” surgery, you most likely think of a facelift. You probably aren’t aware of how many other popular forms of lift procedures can give you that younger look you’ve been longing for as you age.

Dr. Basil Pakeman in Manhattan offers many cosmetic lift surgeries for your face and even one for your buttocks including these procedures:

1. Brazilian Butt Lift. The Brazilian butt lift, or butt augmentation, removes fat from unwanted areas such as your thighs, abdomen or flanks and injects that fat into your buttocks to give you a full and shapely look.

2. Eyelid Lift. This cosmetic surgery is consistently growing in popularity. The eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, can remove or correct eyelid issues caused by aging such as under eye bags, drooping eyelids and excess skin.

3. Brow Lift. Wrinkles often set in quickly along the brow and forehead. These lines accumulate due to the variety of facial expressions you utilize on a daily basis. A brow lift reduces your aging appearance by altering skin and muscle placement above your eyes and surgically raising your eyebrows.

4. Facelift. Men and women have been undergoing facelifts for decades to restore their face to its youthful prime. By repositioning or removing the fat and skin tissue under your face, Dr. Pakeman can help you reach your aesthetic goals. Our Manhattan office also offers a midface lift.

5. Quick Lift. This procedure is often called the “weekend facelift,” due to its minimally invasive nature. The quick lift tightens facial skin and muscles while keeping incisions minimal. In just a few hours, you could have a youthful appearance with less recovery time than more in depth procedures.

If you’re interested in giving your face or body a lift, please contact NYC Surgical Care in Manhattan today at 212-308-1566 to schedule your free consultation. Our cosmetic surgeon serves clients in Manhattan, New York City and all areas of New York, New Jersey and nationwide.