Brazilian Butt Lift in New York City


The Brazilian Butt Lift in Manhattan (NYC), New York City

Buttock Augmentation by Fat Injections in NYC for men and women

Brazilian Butt Lift Buttock augmentation by fat transfer (the Brazilian Butt Lift) has greatly increased in popularity over the past few years. Many women and men are seeking to attain a well balanced body with shapelier and proportionately sized buttocks with the Brazilian Butt Lift. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are celebrities who are often sited as having well proportioned bodies, and are greatly admired.

The Brazilian Butt Lift uses your body fat from areas of excess for transplantation into the buttock area for butt enhancement. The Brazilian Butt Augmentation method results in the most natural and sensual buttock. With the Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer or fat injection method), you not only get a more shapely buttock, but in addition, a leaner waist and flatter belly. The Butt Lift produces the most attractive and natural profile.

Having an attractive butt is a balance between shape, size and contour in proportion to the rest of the body. Many women have their breasts done without considering the overall balance of the body. Having smooth transitional curves of the breasts, thighs and buttocks create an aesthetic pleasing look. A buttock that is flat, droopy or uneven can be sculpted to create a more full and rounded booty with the Brazilian butt lift through fat grafting.

Weight gain or loss, aging, pregnancies, and genetics can have a negative affect on one’s derriere resulting in an unattractive appearance. The Brazilian Butt Enhancement uses fat grafting or fat injection technique which have revolutionized the butt augmentation arena, gluteoplasty. Buttock fat injections allow for the use of your own fat cells from unwanted areas of your body to be re-injected to create a more rounded curvaceous rear end. Fat is usually harvested from the abdomen, hips, back or thigh by gentle liposuction. Candidates for the Brazilian Buttock enhancement must be healthy with sufficient amount of fat for liposuction. In individual with insufficient fat, buttock implants can be considered. The greatest advantage of the Brazilian Buttock Lift is that in addition to buttocks enhancement, you will also have liposuction to other areas.

Benefits of The Brazilian Butt lift Vs Butt Implant

Brazilian Butt Lift
  • More natural, attractive and curvaceous appearance
  • Smaller incisions
  • Faster recovery time
  • Additional liposuction/body sculpting
  • No chance of rejection


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Frequently Asked Questions (Brazilian Butt Lift)

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?
A buttocks augmentation procedure is whereby fat is transferred from an area of excess of the body to enhance or enlarge the buttocks to create a rounder and shapelier rear end.

Who are good candidates for the Brazilian Buttock Lift?
Men or Women with flat or poorly developed buttocks with sufficient fat in other areas of their body are generally excellent candidates for buttocks enlargement. Male or female Buttock implants maybe considered for individuals with insufficient body fat.

Where does the fat come from for the butt lift?
The fat is generally taken for the hips, flanks, abdomen, and lower back for buttock enhancement.

How long does fat survive in a Brazilian Butt Augmentation?
The fat injections can potentially last a lifetime once it receives good blood supply at its new location in butt augmentation.

How much fat is needed in a Brazilian Butt Lift?
This will depend on the amount of correction desired for the butt enhancement.

What are the risks and complications associated with a Brazilian Butt Augmentation surgery?
The risks are minimal and quite similar to those of liposuction. As with any surgeries, there is always risk of infection, bleeding, and scarring. There is a 30% chance of fat re-absorption. Risk will vary depending on the patient with butt enlargement.

Will follow-up visits be needed after the Brazilian Butt Lift?
Yes, the amount of visits needed, will vary with each patient.

What is the recovery time for a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Brazilian Butt LiftMost patients can return to a desk job within 1 week. Returning to full activity levels also varies case by case, but usually this occurs in 2-3 weeks. The Brazilian Buttock Sculpting has a shorter recovery period than butt implant surgery. You must wear a special garment (to control swelling) for two weeks.

What is the cost of the Brazilian Butt Lift?
The Brazilian Butt sculpting cost will vary depending on the amount of fat transfer needed. Please call our office for a quote.

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